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Shane Kidwell's Team: Professionalism Personified


5 out of 5 - by on Nov 27, 2017

Shane Kidwell's team at Fairway works like some kind of mortgage loan special forces operation, or precision surgery team. With an in-house team of underwriters backing them up, Shane Kidwell and April Brodel will cleanly and efficiently take your loan from pre-approval to closing so quickly that you almost forget that buying a home is supposed to be stressful.

I contacted Shane's office about applying for a USDA guaranteed loan in mid September of this year. Mind you, USDA loans have a reputation for being slow and bloated, on every level. Not only did I get approved for the loan, we closed early. On a USDA loan! That's the real estate equivalent of spotting a unicorn. When an unexpected problem occurred (on a Saturday), involving one of my assets which I thought would derail the offer I had just made on a house, my also-incredibly-talented real estate agent, Geoff Hill, got on the phone with Shane, and come Monday morning it was all fine. I got a great interest rate and all was well.

As a first time home buyer, I didn't know what to expect. Shane's team is so organized that each step of the process was quick and painless. They are incredibly responsive and knowledgeable, and all about good communication. From quick emailed replies to organized custom forms, to well-written apps for secure submission of documents, they thought of and implemented it all. April and Shane are profoundly knowledgeable, and at times I found myself wondering if there is any possible situation that ever worried them. They made is seem easy, and I had the rare luxury of forgetting that buying a home is supposedly one of the most stressful purchases an adult can make.

As I sit here, two months after contacting them for the first time, in the living room of my beautiful new house, I unconditionally recommend calling on Shane Kidwell's mortgage expertise. He and his team are the best of the best.


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