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Shane And Fairway Mtg Are True Friends To Public Service


5 out of 5 - by on Jun 30, 2017

My name is Dave and 2 years ago my wife Jenna and I found our dream home in Gig Harbor. We were wondering if it was even possible for us to afford. We are both blue collar workers, I am a Seattle Firefighter, my wife is an Oncology nurse. We make good money, but we both work hard to earn it and didn't want to frivolously throw it away on higher interest rates or fees we didn't understand. Fortunately, we had a friend in the mortgage business, Shane Kidwell.

Our realtor, another family friend, but one who had not dealt with Shane before, showed some concern about using a finance person that he had no prior experience with. I shared zero of these concerns. At the time, Shane and I worked on the same shift, in the same fire house, Station 2, in the downtown Seattle neighborhood of "Belltown". Station 2 has the largest call volume of any firehouse in the city. I knew I could trust Shane with my family's future and our money, because I already trusted him everyday on every run we went on (sometimes in excess of 30 runs a shift when we rode Aid 2 together!). Further, I also personally witnessed Shane's large capacity for kindness and compassion working with some of the most disadvantaged citizens of Seattle. Long story short, we had no hiccups getting financing approved. There were no follow up emails with "i know we said we need 2 years of bank statements but it turns our we need 3" etc. Shane's mortgage team was professional and communicated exactly what was needed the first time. My realtor was thoroughly impressed saying, "that is literally the fastest and smoothest I have ever seen a loan close!".

Then as icing on the cake, 2 years after moving into our new home, my wife and I brought home our second child, a baby boy named Cooper. Our friend Shane had sent a care package that was waiting on for us on our doorstep. Inside was a red onesie with "future firefighter" printed on the front. It was a personalized gift that required actual energy and thought to provide. That is going the extra mile and it meant something special to my wife and I.

It seems like just about every month Shane throws an event for past clients. This month was a block of suites at a Mariner's game. I have never been in a suite, its not exactly in my tax bracket so I probably never will be again. But I was impressed that 2 1/2 years after my loan closed, Shane's company footed the bill to allow me such a cool experience. Lest you think I got that invite because of Shane and I's past history, there were 60+ other past clients there too, none of which work for SFD.

For all of the above reasons, I eagerly recommend Shane and his mortgage team to all of my friends and family. But if you are a public servant, firefighter, police officer, or veteran you should really be going to Shane for your mortgage business. He understands your careers and lives like no other can. He understands where you are coming from and will make the process easy for you. My trust in Shane has been rewarded on each and every occasion and I would guarantee yours will be too.


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